How do I clean distressed brass?

To clean distressed brass, gently rub with very fine wire wool. Do not use abrasives or polishes.

How do I change a bulb in a swing arm?

When changing bulbs in swing arm lights, wall lights and chandeliers, always support the arm from below with one hand while replacing the bulb.

Can I get an exact size?

All measurements displayed on this site are approximate and should be used as a guide only. If exact dimensions are required please contact our sales staff.

How is height measured?

Height measurements for table lamps refer to the distance from base to shade ring.

Do height measurements include the chain?

Unless otherwise stated, height measurements for hanging lights do not include chain.

How are lights wired?

Horizontal library lights and halogen spotlights are wired from the left-hand facing backplate.

How much flex is supplied?

Table Lights and floor lamps are supplied with a standard 8ft [2.5m] of flex.

How much flex is there on torpedo lights?

Torpedo switches on table lights are fitted along the flex at a distance of 12″ [30cm].

How do I open a trade account?

If you would like to open an account with us please contact us on enquiries@besselink.com or call our head office on

+44 (0) 208 574 4068

What do I do if new bulbs don't work?

When a newly replaced bulb does not appear to work, always check the fuse before trying another bulb.